Sunday, January 23, 2005

Da vinci Code

Finally I have finished reading Da vinci code. Here are my views/thoughts.
I can clearly split the book into 3 distinct areas:
1)Christianity and other faiths

Completely ignorant about the Christian religion and other faiths related to it, I am not eligible to comment on the first. The novel hasnt certainly increased my knowledge, but has certainly made me curious/confused.

Cryptography had always been my favourite subject. The use of "language" as against to numbers made it all the more interesting and at the same time gave flexibility to the author in the name of double entendre. Da vinci's painting have been used superbly for the cause.

Bewildering plot with changes and excitement in each chapter, it is clearly a pot-boiler stuff. Despite the required flashback, the pace is uniform. The language precise.

No wonder it is a best seller and am obviously looking forward for the 70mm version.


At 2/11/2005 10:39:00 AM, Anonymous Amit said...

After reading this book, may be even I wud have similar views. I bought the book a week back but still not made the dare attempt of reading it.
Oh yes, before reading i am reading quite a lot of stuff on christianity. I already have 20 words on christianity in my wordlist!!!


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