Sunday, January 23, 2005

Iti Ninna Amritha

I have always had clear ideas about the strengths and weaknesses of "letter writing". Letter writing, till the computers dawned and now emails have been my favourite pastime. Nehru's letters to Indira and few other such instances in history highlight the role played by letters.Someday I will also come out with my collection of letters.
Let me post a separate post about all this, currently the attention is ...

Iti Ninna Amritha

Direction : MS Sathyu
Artists On screen : Arundathi Nag, Srinivas Prabhu

Plot is simple. Two protagonists write letters(mails) to each other. The performers on stage sit on a chair and read them out, turn by turn.
In short, Amritha and Zulfikar like each other. Political compulsions force Zulfi to follow a path(both career and personal) chosen by his father and Zulfi succeeds in it too. Amritha , the rebel, takes her own path. The society, failing to understand her, brands her mad. Her story is of pain, failure.

With the help of lucid language, the story succeeds to touch upon various social/political/personal issues. As the time passes, letters(dialogues) express - friendship,love,sarcasm,light humour,failure,success,pain etc very effectively. The simple plot at times forces the intelligent audience to think/imagine beyond the said words.

Srinivas prasad with his powerful dialogue delivery does his job well.But I feel there are few areas for improvement - timing, changing facial expression. Though the role needed him to be straight faced, who said straight face cant add value?

Arundathi Nag was brilliant. Be it while childish dialogues, be it while expressing pain, she simply became Amritha. Her tongue slipped few times, some discontinuities were present. In the beginning,the tone was bit over-reactive. But these are all negligible considering her enthusiasm - she almost danced whilst sitting on the chair. And she almost wept at one point. Ma'm, we want more plays from you.

Each of the plays I saw at RS has given me different experiences. I am finding no words to gauge strength of the stage to make things look different.

Wasnt I reminded of "Raincoat" so many times ?


At 1/24/2005 11:02:00 AM, Blogger Vedanth said...

will tell you why you shouldn't remember raincoat...


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