Thursday, March 17, 2005

Who are you ???

One of the presentation tips is to "Define audience". I have absolutely no clue who is reading this blog, if at all someone is (except those regular good people). I understand that blogging is not 'presenting' and I continue writing things like these and others that appeal to me and at a frequency that suits me. But in case, you need to say something, do comment.

Few of my colleagues would require an explanation of the meaning of blog, whose limits I am only not sure of, and they look at me when I mention the word as if I am talking the internal politics of Czechoslovakia and I will end up making an easier face of "blogging-is-no-big-deal-and-i-dont-know-how-and-why-i-should-explain-to-u".
My fellow college mates require a trigger everytime to bring them here, and I am in no mood to publicize my blog (You are reading what I mean).

I blog because it is good and I shall try to follow these rules.


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