Wednesday, February 23, 2005

My End

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If my favorite color is blue, then

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Next year I would be

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Monday, February 14, 2005


"I observed you were not able to choose and decide!", lamented the shop keeper lady at a spectacle shop. "I'll take this", I had just said, refering to the frame through which I was looking deep into my own eyes in the mirror reflection, holding two sets each in both hands.

I face similar situations sometimes during shopping, sometimes because I realise that more often than not I "wont have a choice".

I've had quite a few choice-less scenarios in my life when I just accept the things offered to me on a platter without even thinking twice about it. And there can never be a choice to regret either! "You have made all your choices!" Oracle enlightened Neo in movie "The Matrix".

I grumble about the choice-less situations, but choices often land me into great levels of confusion. Choice is always accompanied with advantages/compromises. If those are not clear, there is greater problem. Life is a series of logic gates where you continuously evaluate and decide yes or no, one teacher spoke philosophy in a computer class. "To be or not to be?" Shakespeare could not have put it more aptly.

"Specs is just an analogy/sample", I wish I could tell her.


Don't put too much time and effort in all these friendship and other things. Those look rosy and just like chocolate, tastes good only as long as it lasts. They are good only in movies and fictions. There are no one called good friends and bad friends. All are good, on an average, and all are selfish on an average. There is no reason to be otherwise. I don't deny real good friends who last long despite differences and other things, but are very rare.Finding such people would be a matter of luck and testing to that effect is hardly worth it. Each one will take his/her path and move away and unless you keep seeing them and keep in touch, the once great friendship reduces just to "how are you?", and a recall of old memories. Friendship is directly proportional to the time you spend with them and I think you will not even be seeing same people after 2-3 years! There should be nothing called as "break-ups" if there is good friendship and if people can't see each other once, there can never be a real "patch up". These will look immature and silly after sometime. And more often than not, all the trouble and effort are not worth them.Try to do justice to your time and give right priority to right things.

Philosophy lecture to my younger brother. Wish I had an elder brother !

Business English Classes

As a continuation of ironies, I will be going through Business English Classes! Let me be brutally frank and honest for the first time - I don't need it. My English is manageable, communication esp with my customers, and email communication deserve an award.

I should stop complaining. Period.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Me and my languages

naanu I mein aham Je suis Ich bin
My mother tongue is Kannada. So Kannada was the first language I came across with.

My schooling was in English medium. But if you thought I right away started using this foreign language, you are wrong. Not until a headmaster came along, who observed strict rules to make us communicate in English. And what better way than entrust the job to the weakest link (remember- it was decided that I dont deserve to study UKG before 1st standard) in the class to collect the fine from other people if they didn't obey rules. I dedicated a piggy bank and went around the school collecting the fine Re0.25 everytime anyone fails to communicate in English.Of course I had to evade paying fine. At the end, all this earned me the coveted certificate "Best student for English communication".

It was then the time to get transfered to a village where English medium was present only upto the class I had already finished. I joined Kannada medium. Here in the first class, they taught "English alphabets". I had to use the dreaded Kannada script for all subjects and it helped improve the legibility. As soon as I got a bit of hold on purana, rasayana shastra and maggi, we got transferred.

In what was supposed to be English medium school, few shocks awaited me the very first day.

In maths class, I recited maggi in Kannada upto a much higher number than the entire class did in English(tables), I was still punished!

In the first class, we were asked to write Kannada Kagunita to improve the hand writing.

If that was cakewalk for me, I had no idea about a totally alien language - Hindi and an equally frightening teacher. In the first class, I somehow managed to hide my ignorance and shouted the poem in chorus. I actually shouted only one word bandhar hiding my face during other times, only to later learn that I shouted wrong word for ban kar. Before the next class after a week, I had picked enough language to read the text. I later became the most volunteered and fluent reader of Hindi text in the class, sometimes even made up for teacher's sore throat. Though that effort was not responsible for my topscoring in the language for next 3 years.

Sanskrit, actually Sanskrutam was a choice to score marks,initially. But I was so impressed with its beauty and diversity, rightfully unleashed by one of the most brilliant and talented teachers I have ever met, that I had wished pursuing all degrees in the language and settle as Sanskrit teacher. I didnt fare well in the tests,but my essays were often appreciated.

This was actually the English medium school. I could hardly follow understand first and last word of a sentence spoken in 15 seconds, in between which they seemed to utter as many words as enough for my 1 minute's writing. My fears to speak English only increased post few embarassing moments. I somehow did manage to pull off the school without communicating much in English.

Pack up and move to Bombay. Choosing to befriend with better of the evils, I started using English, instead of Hindi, for my communication. Similar logic guided me to take French as second language. Though the language didnt attract me to the class, the teacher surely did. The friendly smile she gave when we bunked her class and were caught listening to walkman in the campus, was a good enough coaxing to make us attend her classes. Her voice and accent were so soft that though it didnt help us in the language but it taught us lip reading very effectively.

In what has been my most daring attempt, I handed over some 4 pages (with something scribbled) to a friend. Her response was anything but what I feared. "Ravi, your English is byaaad" with the typical girls' face and accent when they say "bad". Time for my enlightment. If my English is any better today (she acknowledged by praising my reviews as "linguistically brilliant"), a part of the praise should be attributed to her. *Proverbial woman* behind man's success ??

Engineering was quite a relief compared to all these when I enjoyed life with languages of a different kind - Computer languages. This I may write in a separate post.

Training for soft skills - again the very basic English lessons did little help to me.

Working for a company based in Germany does not actually require me to know German/Deutsche. But then, it helps to add one more to my this post. German language class brought all my fun-in-learning memories back. Fun loving nature of our Sir added to his good knowledge made us look forward for the class and provided a deserved break from work.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Rukhawat ke liye KHED hai....

Before anyone reminds, let me realise myself and accept the reality that my posting frequency is infrequent. Few other things are taking priority and time.

Currently reading : The man who knew infinity (A life of the Genius Ramanujan) by Robert Kanigel. It would take anything from 3 weeks to 3 months to finish.

I leave you with this trigger...Where do you see yourself at 33years ?