Monday, January 31, 2005

Weekend Movies

National Treasure

Figure this: I watch a bad print on my 17" screen 2 days before and again I go and shell out 150 bucks for the same movie in big screen!! Finally, Nbk's jinx at PVR broken!! Waiting to break the same at RS.

Page 3

Having office in front of movie hall helps. I went back to my work after the movie and it was a nice feeling!

How I wish PVR announced some incentives for frequent visitors!!

Ps: Apart from the movies, I utilised this weekend usefully and hence there is no "great regret" about spending time on movies.

Who moved my cheese

"Who moved my cheese" by Dr Spencer Johnson. Read an ebook in one sitting. Had been seeing this book in all book stalls and was curious about it.

I just rushed through first part (where the preparation for story) and the third part (the real life analogies and aplications). The third part is fine, but I felt like those managerial talk.

The second part is actually the cheese story. Moving of cheese is an analogy to some change we don't expect. Story talks about four characters different in their approach towards the change and elabarote coverage of one character,Haw. His learnings and thoughts are all displayed for us to learn.

Don't I see lot of Hem,Haw,Sniff and Scurry all around me !! What am I ? Different one in different circumstances. Since the "change" situation can occur in any context, we better practise the preachings!

Probably, the book did not ask/answer two questions (directly):
1) What if the cheese really did "disappear" overnight ?
2) What if the cheese never got over and I am comfortable in the cheese store for a life time ?
The answers I think are
1) Never loose my shoes. And keep them ready to use.
2) Even in this case, look out in the maze for cheese stores. There are all the possibilities to find a better store. Whether or not, looking out will keep one fit and "in the race".

I am searching my shoes.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Bumble bee shouldn't fly

"Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know it so it goes on flying anyway." - Mary Kay Ash

Wow…..what an inspiring sentence! For some reason, either the rhyme or the very topic, the sentence kept on ringing in my ears. If the sentence is any right, I want to fly too and I shall. Who doesn’t want to fly ? I was waiting for Dean Kamen’s secret invention IT (code named Ginger) for years hoping that it would be a individual flying transport, until his project became 1 in top 100 embarassing businees moments!! I have the very need to fly to avoid the traffic everyday. And to explore beautiful places all around earth and beyond. Fantasies of flying can go on……

But wait a minute, if the quote is only for inspiration, we have many other stories. Spiderman, Shaktiman. And when did aerodynamics agree that monkey can fly ? Don’t we have our own Hanuman for inspiration, who achieved great feats once he was made to realize his powers.

Since bumble bee does fly, either aerodynamics was wrong /not evolved or the person was ignorant. With all these thoughts formed in the background, I explored the topic on net.

Man, people have been curious like me and have taken the quote (or the myth about it) quite seriously! Web pages have been devoted only to explain or to talk about this.. Simplest explanation (in terms of comparision) comes from Doug Craigen, who says it involves different study of dynamic aerodynamics and suggests the moral lessons to advocate “keep flapping”.

In David Cushman‘s page ,the topic looks at various factors that affect the flying of bees and implications.

Here you can find the interesting insight on how it all started ! McMasters, John H goes on to explain how Jacob Ackeret, a famous supersonic aerodynamicist was thought to be a culprit initially. But later it was found out that Sainte-Lague, a lab assistant of famous entomologist August Magnan was the actual culprit.

A broadcasting company(WBQP tv) uses bee as its “mascot” and explains how the company, like bumble bee, has beaten all odds and rules to succeed!

Books have been written only on bumble bee and the theory.

So much for the bumble bee theory ……my original (childhood) curiosity still remains…can’t man fly, just like he could swim ?

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Iti Ninna Amritha

I have always had clear ideas about the strengths and weaknesses of "letter writing". Letter writing, till the computers dawned and now emails have been my favourite pastime. Nehru's letters to Indira and few other such instances in history highlight the role played by letters.Someday I will also come out with my collection of letters.
Let me post a separate post about all this, currently the attention is ...

Iti Ninna Amritha

Direction : MS Sathyu
Artists On screen : Arundathi Nag, Srinivas Prabhu

Plot is simple. Two protagonists write letters(mails) to each other. The performers on stage sit on a chair and read them out, turn by turn.
In short, Amritha and Zulfikar like each other. Political compulsions force Zulfi to follow a path(both career and personal) chosen by his father and Zulfi succeeds in it too. Amritha , the rebel, takes her own path. The society, failing to understand her, brands her mad. Her story is of pain, failure.

With the help of lucid language, the story succeeds to touch upon various social/political/personal issues. As the time passes, letters(dialogues) express - friendship,love,sarcasm,light humour,failure,success,pain etc very effectively. The simple plot at times forces the intelligent audience to think/imagine beyond the said words.

Srinivas prasad with his powerful dialogue delivery does his job well.But I feel there are few areas for improvement - timing, changing facial expression. Though the role needed him to be straight faced, who said straight face cant add value?

Arundathi Nag was brilliant. Be it while childish dialogues, be it while expressing pain, she simply became Amritha. Her tongue slipped few times, some discontinuities were present. In the beginning,the tone was bit over-reactive. But these are all negligible considering her enthusiasm - she almost danced whilst sitting on the chair. And she almost wept at one point. Ma'm, we want more plays from you.

Each of the plays I saw at RS has given me different experiences. I am finding no words to gauge strength of the stage to make things look different.

Wasnt I reminded of "Raincoat" so many times ?

Da vinci Code

Finally I have finished reading Da vinci code. Here are my views/thoughts.
I can clearly split the book into 3 distinct areas:
1)Christianity and other faiths

Completely ignorant about the Christian religion and other faiths related to it, I am not eligible to comment on the first. The novel hasnt certainly increased my knowledge, but has certainly made me curious/confused.

Cryptography had always been my favourite subject. The use of "language" as against to numbers made it all the more interesting and at the same time gave flexibility to the author in the name of double entendre. Da vinci's painting have been used superbly for the cause.

Bewildering plot with changes and excitement in each chapter, it is clearly a pot-boiler stuff. Despite the required flashback, the pace is uniform. The language precise.

No wonder it is a best seller and am obviously looking forward for the 70mm version.

Laugher Club

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

In the early morning, during morning walk, the laughter wave travelled to me. These are the familiar waves from a laughter club. In the chilled morning, not only do they wake up, but manage to laugh aloud -- should be appreciated. But ask me to join them, I wont!! I simply cant laugh for the sake of it. And that too, making various hand gestures while laughing? I cant! I would rather watch and laugh.

But still, it was Kannan whose name pulled me to the laughter club that day. Hiremagalur Kannan is known for his "pooja" in Kannada Language. Not only simple daily pooja, but he also has kannada mantras for almost all rituals including marriage. Though his mother tongue is Tamil, he has done a lot for Kannnada language. He has published the kannada mantras book, and is a prominent person in any "hasya sammelana". His ability to quote Kannada poets/poems
(both old and new) is simply amazing. His memory is as much to be appreciated as his interest in reading books. He can simply quote a poet in each of his sentence!!

Accompanying him was Asadulla Beg. Being a Kannada Shayari Samrat,he (and his shayaris) displayed the characteristic humour and thought provoking abilities of a "sher". He made it so easy that I felt all it needs to create a good "sher" is open eyes and open ears.

Wish I could remember their laugh tonic....very few samples here:

Kannadadalli hendathiyannu "lay" endu kareyuttare(In kannada wife is addressed as "lay")Teluginalli hendathiyannu "dee" endu kareyuttare(In telugu wife is addressed as "dee")
Yeradu serise englishnalli lady endu kareyuttare(Both combined, in english used as "lady")

A person approaches a humour activist and says "You advice laugh.

Your maid doesnt seem to agree you". "Why?" "Whenever I give a smile to your maid, she feels like hitting me with the very groom stick?!"

Christian: Hanuman is our person.
Muslim: No, Hanuman is our person
Sikh: You both are wrong. He is our person.

All of them approach a hindu priest, who quiet naturally is surprised and asks them their claim.
Christian says " Havent u heard of He-Man, Super-man. Just like that Hanu-man is ours!"
Muslim: "Reh-maan,Sule-maan. Similarly Hanu-maan is our man"
Sikh: Who else but a Sikh will put fire to his tail and jump all

around the city if someone has stolen someone's wife??

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Home Sweet Home

It was 4 years ago that we had started searching for a plot. Realizing that the rates on this side of ring road are affordable in south Bangalore, our search was primarily in this area – extensions of Padmanabha Nagar.
Lots of sites had some issues or the other. Those which were neat did not suit us. Some of the plots which we had accepted sold out like a hot cake in less than half a day. After beating all odds, 2 sites made it to final selection.

Both were “like” corner sites. The roads stretching to “future” main roads. Both had a “garden/ public park” being planned near by. Etc etc was the rosy picture shown by the real estate agents.

Not satisfied, we went for our private survey. The “future-probable” neighbours know it best. “Bad choice”, was the honest, blunt reaction from the first one. All the above attractions turned out hoax. Many other critical problems were made known. The site owner had buried his parents, wife in the residential plot! “Bhoot!!”, the first choice was out.

Quite farther from the main road, compared to the first, was the second choice. Peaceful, dust free, shady, green – this area resembled a quiet village. A single house for the entire road ensured the privacy and calmness. The coconut trees to 3 corners instantly made me love this place. Encouraging comments from our neighbour strengthened our choice. The attractions mentioned by broker were not completely true, but that had no impact on our decision.

Artistically and innovatively we named our home "Srigandha"(Sandalwood in Kannada), where we started living from the very day of house warming, though partly incomplete then.

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Cut to the present:
The area is no longer an extension but has extensions. The next road to our house is main road on which BMTC buses ply. Education institutions, hospitals, petrol bunks are born overnight. School buses and other construction vehicles taking the immediate road has increased air and sound pollution. No more vacant plots. Park is still future.

Number of coconut trees is 2, but will remain so. Various vegetables/fruits/flowers (cucumber, tomato, beans, ladies’ fingers, pumpkin, lots of papaya,venilla etc) have grown in our area. It’s a great feeling. It’s a joy to observe the minute growth of the plants/vegetables every day. The scent of the soil after the first drops of rain is glorious. On a quiet evening the breeze from coconut tree branches to our balcony is heaven.

Come home sometimes…..Welcome to my home . . .

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Flyover - A Solution?

The flyovers (their construction to be precise) have some strange relation with me. The hosur road flyover construction started just when I had started using that stretch of the road. I have probably seen the very first stone used for the construction. The pace of its construction amused me. The change of routes I had to make every another day was perplexing. The number of times I had cursed the construction outnumbered the hardship and delays due to the traffic woes it created. At least for that sake, I should have reaped the benefit of the completed fly over. But then, I changed my route.

Just when I was comfortable with the route to Kormangala through Dairy Circle, the fly over construction began. My route changes continued. Add to it the crawling through a narrow short-cut. This time the construction never seemed to end.

I can say “I did test-ride on all combination of paths under and near the flyover”. And after one year of alternate routes and suffering, the fly over finally opened to the public.

Am I happy now? One of its kind 3 stage project (underpass, flyover and normal), big budget, success story of BDA – all nice adjectives. I don’t intend to take any credit away from the project. But then, after cruising through the wonderful underpass, one needs to break hard the vehicle. It’s a “bottleneck” there!!

Where is the problem? My colleague had once remarked, the flyovers sometimes only shift the traffic jams to a different place. The solution is temporary or incomplete.

This need not be true for all cases. More fly over projects at whopping budget are planned this year. Bangalore’s infrastructure is improving- I am happy! But I continue to take the narrow short-cut, that I used during the construction of fly-over, with reduced crawl.

Monday, January 03, 2005


Got an opportunity to look at my office desk-top !!my desk is completely lost in papers....i can see papers lying all around me and all over the desk so much that i have to search a patch to know my desk's colour!

in between ...there are keyboard, monitor, coffee cup, water bottle, mobile, wires, file folders, helmet, staplers, punching machine, diary, calendar, phone-- all things in the most undisciplined way....

got back the pen and its cap which were separated from each other few weeks back (in a kumbhmela) in fact pen reminded of a person who has left the place..
monitor and cpu are actually black in color but they have this artistic uniform brown coating (of the dust).....I usually used to remove the dust. but someone has taken away my duster also(or it might also be lost in this debris....

Wow it was a good exercise to look at my desk and to look all around me....I could see so many things, which I never knew were existed right on my desk....I guess I was staring at this dumb monitor all these days....but let me be very contribution to such a set-up is minimal, its been like this even before I have come here...

Coming up: a peep into my cupboard

Flashback And Goal Setting

Not many events in the previous year that will be important to my career or personal life. It was a dry year. Unplanned, directionless I just sailed.
If some things that makes the year worth remembering, they are
>> I toured/visited/trekked Pondichery, Honnemaradu, Dharmasthala, Ooty, Munnar, Shivanasamudra, Ombattu Gudda etc
>> I bought computer system.
>> Saved/invested money (Phew…first time!)
>> Arranged/attended various get-togethers!
>> Finally started reading novels.
>> Of course, started this blog!

Goal Setting:
I have decided to set myself some quantifiable and measurable goals for me this year. All previous years I called these resolutions and had no way of measure. Thanks to “industry” experience I can set goals professionally. These will be reviewed during the year end.

>> Read 10 (at least) novels/general books. And at least 4 technical books (this is too less, but better than NONE – my previous year’s count).
>>Wake up before a fixed time in the morning – any day/any weather/any going-to-bed-time.
>>Visit/ spend time with “relatives”. I can do at least this much for all the love and respect they have for my family.
>>To *reduce* money spent on movies. Instead watch “plays” and invest in “books”.

Common to every year resolutions:
>>Keep planning entire year, not just new year resolutions.
>>Manage time well
>>Keep visiting this list to review the progress.

There are few other “personal” goals set. Hope I will be able to put better stuff here next year.


2004’s most looked up word is “blog”!
Webster dictionary defines a blog as "a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments and often hyperlinks provided by the writer."

TIME magazine's People Of The Year - Bloggers. Bloggers are being recognized as Citizen Journalists.

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Sunday, January 02, 2005

See me!

Some of you wanted to see my pic do I look ?!

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