Tuesday, December 28, 2004


EDP Day Out.

Through colorful mails, the plan was intimated to all. Few more mails & reminders -- start time, head-count and pick-up points were finalized. Goswami’s and Sowmya’s organizational skills, to the smallest details, were at good display.

Our one day picnic to Shivanasamudra and if possible mahadevpura was to start at 7 AM “sharp” on 11th Dec. A typical cold start - that we were in RBIN campus even at 9. Breakfast in the bus and we start!

A stop, at Mysore road, to pick up rest of the troop. Around 10:30, as the speedometer showed signs of life, people in the bus filled the atmosphere with energy and enthusiasm. Vikas’s people management skills and energy were best displayed. His enthu was so infectious that he finally succeeded in making most people in the bus to dance to his tunes. It was followed by antakshari but late-morning sleep dampened it later.

Pop-corn, juice, another round of breakfast happened on the way. Fun n frolic continued. The decibel level at the back seats of the bus was constantly above average. Vikas, Dodda Ravi, Magu, Manjupai, Rukumani, Kantha make ideal recipe for laugh track. Dhanaji, Bhandu, Sunku added spice.

1:30 PM: At “bara chukki”. Cucumber, tender coconuts were ideal refreshments. With few photo sessions, we stepped down and proceded to falls.
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Water is such an attraction that we could not wait to jump into it. Playing in the water and under the falls made all the planning and the wait - worth.
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Two small unlucky incidents was the sad part of the picnic.

We returned to bus and it was time for lunch. Hungry stomachs, which were forgotten till now, were satisfied with delicious food. A small time gap to digest food was allowed so that drinks could be poured! We stopped on the banks of a water body. Like the water, drinks flowed. The shady, vast enough place, which was waiting for us, was just right for our snacks and refreshments.
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Time for lucky dip to distribute mementoes. And time to wrap up the day.

In the bus, “dumb charades”, “guess the good word” occupied time before a short nap. Around 11pm comfortably in the bed at home.

Three cheers to picnic organizers, managers and participants.


After lot of research and compromises I have bought a new PC. Hunger for memory in my earlier version ensured I gave it a high priority. I now have a 1/2 GB ram! Having heard lot about AMD, I decided to go for it. Athlon 64bit processor now resides in my box. Motherboard availability and configuration for Athlon is very diverse. I went for MSI motherboard, half whose resources I don’t use at present. Other configurations are normal.

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I have always hated floppies. I agree that they were once saviours for data transfer. But certainty in unreliability, when it mattered most, has often made me pull my hairs. And a fatal virus attack due to a floppy is unforgettable to me.

I now have a Pen drive. And whats more: It is a mp3 player Also it is a voice recorder. With 256MB USB drive, my needs are more than met for another 10,000 read writes.

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Suggestion: If you are going to buy this, look for the one with display for mp3.

Club eXperience

(This is about my friend’s first visit to a club. Then why is it on my blog ?? Bcoz efforts to convert “a casual conversation during coffee” to “written words” are mine.)

Fresher’s party – the event I had been looking forward to from past one week. It’s a party for freshers of a reputed engg college. I, being a respected alumnus, was invited. Rs 150 – A mug of beer, dance, an intro to juniour girls – what more do I need for an eventful weekend.

So there was I, wearing my favorite funky dress to match the occasion, on time. The atmosphere was dark and smoky. Music was ear shattering. The surrounding would persuade a non-smoker to turn into chain smoker in few minutes. And the wild-dances and other histrionics displayed, though were expected, were disturbing. And there she was, my once darling, avoiding my eye contacts.

I thought, let me gulp down a beer at least. And soon after, without even giving a second look, I literally ran out and away from that place. I didn’t want to return home so soon. I entered town-hall, where as a part of Bengaluru Habba, a classical music concert was going on. The soothing music made me realize my taste. At the least, my taste is NOT ear shattering loud noise. Also, “she” wouldn’t have been *right* in my life.

All the best, freshers! May you learn your lessons soon!

(Hope he finds all his correct destinations in life as soon and easily as possible. –Rk)

Packed Weekend

I have learnt that I should also count *nice* stuff as much or more than *not nice* stuff. . . . . .
Thus, since I wrote about my dismal weekend, let me also write about the *packed* weekend!

My this weekend was superb.. weekend started on Friday evening itself.....since a long time I had been wanting to go to pvr..that I went....watched raincoat with colleague....
Saturday ...went to temple the first thing(I go to temple on every Saturday....)then went to Swades with my brother...visited my friend .returned home to see some relatives...played with their cute kid.... attended a friend's reception, there had an amazing,joyful good time with a friend.

in between something had hurt my eye and it was intolerable...but somehow I managed to spend the day..

Sunday...attended our class get-together...it was fairly successful with 17 friends dropping in...had met few of them months ago...had loads of fun...went to Nandhini for lunch, icecream....roamed around.

One person who had maintained silence with me(because he could not stand me when I could not stand him) in college re-started to speak to me......returned home and 2 friends came home...I never feel bored to talk to these guys for hours....one is a walking encyclopedia with no ego problems..and our wavelengths,tastes match so well...we gossip about all things under sun...
If I can continue the weekend enjoyment to Monday....yesterday evening we had project dinner....good food and drinks....

Saturday, December 25, 2004

What do I do ?

When the work completely engulfs me so much that not leaving me time to answer/return/reply calls/mails...

When the tension / pressure strains me...

When most of my friends have seen Swades and reviewed it...After having seen "Musafir","Aitraaz","Hulchul","Enter the dragon","Mi2" on comp-monitor and havent been left with time to write reviews for new ones...

When, even after weeks of the opening of PVR , which is just in front of my office, I havent been able to check that out...Once went all the way to find "no tickets"...Missed several other times..

When the various confusions continue to chase me...

After working against time and deadline on a friday evening, I give up for the time being...

I wish I had just gulped down few pegs...
Instead I decide to go to PVR and shelled out my hard worked money to watch Raincoat...Its reviewed at 70mm, but never mind, link is not even worth clicking...
I wanted to go alone and difuse myself, but believe me(and dont blame me) Ved,Sudha it was *your* destiny to join me...

11 screens at one place have always interested me. Given that it is just a stone's throw away from my office, but for the sky-high prices, you would have found me there most of the time. Screening various languages's movie, the prices differ depending on the language(kannada>regional>hindi,english),time(weekend>weekday and evening>morning),and the class of theaters(gold>europa>classic).Booking tickets is possible thru net/phone/counters. I liked the giant screen near the counter which shows trailer.

Someday I shall have seen all screens, all classes.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

On my way …..BEAT

Oh my God traffic is so bad …..Wish I didn’t need to travel …BEAT

I have to buy those books. Have to borrow that from her, return this to him…And in between I need to read them…BEAT

She is getting married…..He is seeing her….BEAT

He is changing his company….She is changing her city….BEAT

Need to call up him…..need to mail her….BEAT

That person’s birthday is coming up……Got to see this person’s new bike....BEAT

I better manage my time….the list of “tbd” is growing…But weekend was over just now, will have to wait for the next which will also pass soon…next one and the next one….BEAT

Havent met him…haven’t spoken to her….BEAT

And who is this person who just smiled at me..Oh ! I know him...I didnt even return the smile...BEAT

Appointment with Doc is pending ….and the vehicle servicing….BEAT

Gotto see that movie…..listen to this music…BEAT

That damned code is acting up, deadline is fast approaching…..Tch, this meeting is today…BEAT
On a scooter, two pillion kids....In their KG classes....
In the best costume- school uniform...Lost in their own world......
See me…With eyes that spell innocence......
Open little mouth to a broad smile...Smile that is most beautiful on earth...
Wave their hands ...Say in chorus... “Tata Tata Tata” ...B......E.......A.........T

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Rangashankara - The Final Rehearsal

The day I had been waiting has finally come. After a ride in dusty Kanakapura road, thanks to Chill, we entered RS just in time. Unlike last time, we got the tickets.

We comfortably placed ourselves in the top most row. The theater has a homely feel and at the same time, is grand. The 3.5 crore project can not leave any stone unturned. The lighting, sound arrangements are all set to give good experience of theater.

For the next one hour we observed and absorbed the play silently. The different story from the usual stereotype movies was a welcome change. Our group has shown interest to watch plays regularly.

After visit to bookstall and a sip of coffee we parted.

Play – The final rehearsal
The protagonist was sitting on the chair quietly much before the play started. The bell rang and the drama unfolded. The difficulties faced by an actor and his undying spirit to win the best actor award are the main jist of the play.

The obscurity of the content was itself a good strength. The play gripped the audience despite its initial enigma, thanks to its intensity. The versatility of the actor was exhibited. His voice modulation and the sudden change in facial expressions were laudable. The effort-estimation behind a single person performing continuously for an hour, is difficult.

Well, there was another sensitive co-actor Brownyell(a chair). The satire and pun were present throughout, but I liked the great detail in the personification of brownyell.

Let me not claim that I followed each line. But the abstractness was challenging. Distraction and relaxing for even a second meant you missed something. And as later suggested by my friend, I realised that reviewing a play is difficult and useless. One has to see it to believe.

Acting and dialogue delivery fetch full points to the performer. Its nice to know that director-actor Pawankumar is from our college(PESIT)!

Post blog:
Read a better blog My tryst with Theatre by Chill about the same event.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Oo Aa Ouch

I sprained my leg :(
It hurts most when I sprain my leg on a saturday morning with lot of things planned for the weekend....

g* = simplicity

I am simply overwhelmed by the look n feel of Google products. Google- the word always brought the picture of search engine in front of my eyes. Not anymore.

It has spread wings to all web-based products like email, and soon we will be chanting google for all our needs!

Where-ever they have been, they stirred competition. Searching, which was just an add-on feature provided by other websites, got a new meaning with google search. To an extent that google site is synonomous with internet.
Its announcement of offering free 1 gb web e-mail literally kicked the email giants , who had been sleeping with the thought –“2 mb of email space is enough for anyone”.Other innovative features (eg:sorting,archiving etc) were simply unheard of,even though web-emails have been around for an era. Didn’t understand their logic of restricting its number of users (only via gmail invitations) though!

This blog site is also a google product (no, they have not sponsored me to write this!). The simple sign up is good enough reason for me to be here.

The context based ads in gmail is simply the best I have seen. When links related to the topic I just read in the mail, are displayed below the mail – I am tempted to follow them.
To provide another example of simplicity, I like it when I see my mails(to me) being marked as “me” in the sender coloumn!

My gmail : rkrules AT gmail DOT com.

Heard they are coming up with an OS .... Also heard, they are recruiting !

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

My Daily Happenings

My good friends who are already saturated with my movie reviews and trip logs, want me to blog my daily activities.

So here it is:
On all weekdays (which sometimes includes saturday-sunday)

Get up
go to work
return home
go to sleep.

On the positive side of it,I never have had to skip line 3 and 4 above,which few of my colleagues skip occasionally.

You can keep coming back to this page whenever you feel like knowing my daily activities.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Munnar and Ooty(which comes on the way)

Oct 30 to Nov 2nd

Participants: Manohar, Vipin, Sameer, Gaurav, Kiran, Ravikiran

After planning, re-planning and cancellation of tours to Pondichery/Munnar, nobody thought that weekend would be so eventful. Friday 4'o clock, it was decided to go ahead with the Munnar trip with the available 6 persons. Manohar and Sameer rushed to book a vehicle and finalized to leave Blore on Saturday morning 9 AM.

Quite after 9 all of us assembled , breakfast followed and started by 10:15. "Do you want to go to temples or you will be going only to beaches?" first puzzle from driver Raju ! Gaurav was most confused - last time he went to Munnar there were no beaches! "Which route you would like to take - via ooty - kodai ? All the three can be finished in 3 days!" another attractive package from Raju. Dil maange more and we chose Ooty-Kodai-Munnar.

With frequent stoppages, it was noon in Mysore when we stopped over for the lunch. Journey after that was smooth. On the way we deviated to visit Bettada Gopalagiriswamy Temple. The hill was an indication of what we could expect from Ooty- the mist, the cold. Drive through Bandipur reserved forest gave us the sights of peacock, deer, one elephant family. Reached Ooty by night leaving us time only for drinks-food-sleep.

Visit to Munnar was at stake. After realizing that we were not left with any time either in Ooty or in Munnar if we want to go to Munnar, the plan was shelved. 3 days from blore and one can't visit Munnar?? I and few others were visibly disappointed. We checked out the possibility of night journey and decided that we visit Munnar come what may. Vipin's desire to go to a beach and its possibilities were also being considered all the time. All these planning left Kiran totally confused that he kept querying "Lekin Munnar kaun ja ra ha hai?" all the time.

All boys group, all through out the journey, obviously missed the obvious. Lets see if Manya keeps up his promise of arranging a “fairer” and “better” tour next time. This time only possible solution was to talk about them.

Open-heart which was happening all through the journey, now continued formally. Bday boy Vipin entertained us with his stories of Lalbagh, childhood crush, and ofcourse aunty's was well-known to all. Sameer with a story of handshake with his competitor. If Manohar finished with breakfast, Kiran went a bit ahead with his Dhandiya story. My "swapna-sundari" story didn't impress/convince people. Gaurav kept mum throughout.

It will be unfair if a small note is not made about the service/hospitality (its absence) during our stay. Repeated requests for glasses/candles/blankets/pillows were royally neglected stating some dumb reason. We continued with our (insufficient) candle light dinner. At the end, hotel proved costly too.

In the absence of hot water none was ready to bathe and it saved us some time. Breakfast and we left to Doddabetta. 8640 feet above sea level, the cold embraced us. The mist covered views opaqued us from beautiful top views and scenaries.

The never ending uniform tea estates were a attraction by themselves. Varieties of tasty tea samples at a store compelled all of us to buy & take some tea powder to home.

Journey continued to Munnar broken by lunch, by Coimbatore and by frequent permit checks and dinner. Twas 11 pm when we were finally in Munnar.
With the ooty hotel experience still fresh but behind us, in much smaller town of Munnar at 11PM our prayers of good stay were more than answered. We stayed in a cottage (actually a house where 10 ppl can easily "live"!!). Hot water for bathing was provided but cosmetic lover Gaurav was not affected.

Munnar was not as cool as Ooty. The scenaries' beauty met our expectations. After the breakfast and quick plan of places to be visited we set off to the lake. Boating was great fun (made more exciting after we bribed the sailor). The surrounding gave us a hint why Kerala is known as "God's own country!". We continued to "high-point" with a break in between at "echopoint". The mist again played spoil sport and we could not capture any scenic beauties.

With the company of few water falls we continued our journey down the hill, just trying to capture as many as wonderful sights all around us.

Lunch and we continued our further journey. En route we spent some time near a dam. Around 3 am we were back in Blore thanks to heavenly roads.

Except for Raju who would have been happier if we had been to Kodai rather than to Munnar, all of us were satisfied inspite of investment of weekend in continuous journey. Uncrowned PJ king Vipin trained others so much that at the end his own title was at crisis with Kiran making most of his training. Vipin's PJs and other stories, Silent sameer's timely one-liners and accountancy, Kiran's "Munnar kaun ja ra ha hai?", Gaurav's planning and ability to sleep anytime-anywhere, Manohar's shooting ------ all these entertained us through out the journey. But for these, the tour would have been as entertaining as a lonely sailor's.

"Leave only footsteps, take (away) only memories" - one signboard had urged.

(This write-up was mainly targeted to the participants. Also, any similarities with TRAP is unfortunately co-incidental)

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Launch !

This is how I launched this blog;-)
I now publish my thoughts on the net...visit my blog at Lens ….It is dedicated particularly to the one who inspired, urged and helped me to start a blog and in general to each one of you who gave *me* a pat when "you" liked my writing and slammed *me* when "you" were disappointed…

As an introductory offer I have 3 new posts…Though I don’t promise regular posts, there are chances that the enthu sustains…

Stop by my blog and do leave comments…remember “even mosquito expects a pat for its work” …

Ravikiran R


After a great deal of research, I stumbled upon a neat book on quotes.

Oxymoronica , a word coined by Dr Mardy Grothe , a psychologist, author of "Never let a fool kiss you or a kiss fool you" , has come up with a book of same name, containing paradoxical wit and wisdom from greatest wordsmiths.

Oxymoronica is a superset and mixture of paradox, oxymoron, chiasmus, as author says. I felt it also encapsulates irony, sarcasm and many other things. Author goes on to define oxymoronicas to convey deeper meaning than they mean superficially. Before I began to read, I wondered about the existence of so many quotes to fill the fat book. But after finishing I now will have to search for normal quotes.

Paradox – A statement that looks false but is nonetheless true(Less is more OR The more the things change the more they remain same-Alphonse Karr)
Oxymoron – Two contradicting terms (pretty ugly)..Oxymoronica is not just contradicting terms, but contradicting ideas (Free love is too expensive-Delvin)
Chiasmus – Reversing the order of words.
First I dream my painting , then I paint my dream –Vincent van Gough

Infact may of all our favorite quotes (and e-mail signatures) could be categorized into one of these groups. Or they are our favorite only because they are oxymoronicas.

Neatly broken into 14 chapters depending on interesting basis like “ancient oxymoronica”(The half is greater than the whole-Greek poet Hesiod) , “political oxymoronica”(“Your greatest enemy is your greatest friend) “oxymoronic advice”(Never take anybody’s advice- George Bernard Shaw), “oxymoronic insults(and few praises)”(she never was really charming till she died-Terence), “oxymoronica on stage” (I just want to be normally insane) and the ultimate “inadvertent oxymoronica”(oxymoronic quotes by accident). Inadvertent oxymoronica, where most of Bush’s quotes are found, is an ideal last chapter of the book. And I stil have my reserves about author’s decision to place many quotes in chapters other than “inadvertent oxymoronica” and vice –versa.

Most often , his definition of oxymoronica – any variety of tantalizing self-contradictory statements or observations that on the surface appear false /silly / illogical, but at a deeper level are true, often profoundly true – fits the quotes.

As suggested on the cover “as addictive as a bowl of peanuts”, it made a fast read. If sometimes I would just laugh loudly at the quotes, other times I would take a break to understand and absorb the inner meaning.

If in an effort to find the oxymoronica meaning in normal quotes, if one succeeds, purpose served is only less (Because “less is more”).

All my best thoughts were stolen by ancients- Emerson