Sunday, April 24, 2005

Taking a bit long

Some time back I felt bit restricted in blogger. I started looking for some other blogging software. There were two important things(though might sound very insignificant) I was looking for
1) Categorisation
2) Calendar
I don't understand why blogger still does not support categorisation as I saw many drifted away only for this reason. Few others use some work arounds to get the feel of categorisation, but why the effort when there are lot of softwares make it virtually effortless.
I found wordpress meeting my requirements. It is a open-source software with lot of developers and users, there is a strong community around it. Thus I get lot of plugins, good support, wonderful themes to choose from !
Then it was the search for hosting site. Here again, my requirements were clear FREE and Ad-free ! I knew I was asking for a bit too much, but came across few of them which came bundled with wordpress itself ! And again there were few restrictions at few of them, but finally found the places where I get all I had wanted - Wordpress, No restrictions, No ads!! What more do I need !!

But then, with more freedom and with more choices come more work. Also got busy with many other things and still haven't been able to set it up completely. I had wished to continue posting only at my new blog, but few more will be posted here till I finish few small things there.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Yes, you guessed it right !! I am talking about my new buy - Digital Camera ! Canon Powershot A520

You can see the glow of my face while I am writing this, with the camera just in front of me recording this!

One of the long-standing things in my wishlist can be striked off. This has to be my favourite possession...more than even my music system.

(Let me exclude computer). I mean I dont remember having liking for any particular toy but I liked camera. A camera was on my wishlist even before I had heard about computer ! Even later, I had to delay the buying of camera for various reasons. Now the wait is finally over.

I am at a loss of words to thank Chaitra who bought the camera from States.
I can see the complete professional review here! This is a wonderful site which lists the features, costs, provides reviews, users comments, comparisions and many other things. Must visit for a camera enthu.

Few shots:
Take One! Art

Bro all glees with US chocos!
A design!
Sky is the limit !

More professional pics coming soon :))

A heap of broken images

How many times have you not spoken to yourself or argued with yourself. Arguing with oneself would bring out our own neglected views and thoughts that it might shock us.

Girish Karnad, master playwright, for the first time directed his own creation, specially designed for Rangashankara. Using the above theme, he narrates the story of a Kannada writer who becomes famous for her bestseller in English! Karnad is aptly supported by Arundathi Raja who puts up a brilliant show.

The play starts off with a TV speech of Manjula Nayak who gives credits and briefs about her success and the story by answering two frequently asked questions. "Why in English?" and "Why that story?". Soon after the briefing, she is drawn into discussion by her own image that appears on TV screen. Her digital image queries, ponders and manages to peel each layer of Manjula Nayak's life. Manjula, is compelled to look at her life, often breaking down, often complaining and often defending herself. At the end audience gets a radically opposite picture of what it gets in the first shot of speech.

The plays I had seen earlier like Final Rehearsal had only one character, Iti Nanna Amritha had only two characters. But here it was something different. The live character had to cope with the recorded show. And man, does not she act well!! For one complete hour, Arundathi competes with her own image, manages to deliver absolutely glitchless dialogues, maintains hitch pitch, coupled with impressive facial expressions.

The narration, direction and performance could have lost the track at so many places, which it didn't and this is the high point of the show. In my overall rating, this play might still rate lower than Iti Ninna Amritha amd probably Final Rehearsal, because of the rich content, pace, striking emotions and just-right comedy in the other two.
And it also depends on other factors that affect the mindset while watching.

But, nonetheless, it was a brilliant show!

Friday, April 01, 2005

Tasty, Smart

I, sitting in the window seat, turn away from the busy crowd that is inside the bus- crowd ranging from young to old, rich to poor, happy to sad. Bus stops at a traffic junction and I peep out of window. The eununchs and beggars- disabled and poor, run towards the vehicles. I slowly shift my attention to a large hoarding that sports advertisement-cum-comics. A smile crosses my lips and I come out of thoughts. I read again and this time completely absorb and again smile!

I am refering to the Amul ads which slowly became a part of our talk, and which was followed keenly - more keenly awaited than R K Lakshman's You said it in TOI. And it was a small joy when the ad came close to what I had expected! The ads-cum-cartoon captured the news and current affairs and gave a nice comic touch to it. Sometimes silent, sometimes with a punching one-liner, it always maintained good standards of creativity!

Yummy, all the hits are available online :)

Why a post on amul hits ? Well, among the things I miss from Bombay, it is next only to Vada pav, beaches, trains and girls ;-)

Potato is injurious to health

Over the lunch table
He: Eeks! You are eating potatoes again ?
I: Head bent and busy eating
He: Potatoes are bad.
I: Grin
He: They contain fat.You will put on more weight.
I: ..
He: Potatoes will kill you. They are so bad.
I: Hmm
He: Potatoes are injurious to health. Don't know why people eat potatoes.
I: ..
He: You should follow me. Have you ever seen me eat potatoes ?

I slowly raise my head, look into his eyes "And smoking?".
He blushes, grins, turns red in face, turns his face away.

We silently finish lunch.